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Canon PowerShot G5 X Review


Canon PowerShot G5 X ReviewThe Canon PowerShot G5 X compact system camera aims to capture amazing images. It does this with an f/1.8-2.8 lens. It has a 1.0-type sensor along with a huge electronic viewfinder. With these features it aims to capture amazing shots. If you are looking for a camera that can capture wonderful detailed images then have a look at this wonderful product from the famous Canon brand. Don’t get drawn away by the small size of this camera because this small camera packs a strong punch.


You have full control on how creative you want to be with this camera. This camera has optical image stabilization; 5.9 fps continuous shooting; user-customizable dials; shutter speeds 30-1/2000 sec + bulb. It has a vital built-in electronic viewfinder, totally articulated touchscreen, plus many external controls. You can expect photographer-friendly controls with this elegant camera. This camera can be set up exactly according to the wishes of the user. The best part is that you can easily carry this camera around wherever you go.


If you do not like small cameras then you will not like the small G5 X. To take a picture you have to click firmly. You need to apply a little force, not much, when you want to turn its circle. The zoom range is not a lot and it is also not able to properly regulate JPEG processing setting, for instance color mode when you tend to also be shooting raw.


You can buy this camera for £629.99. You will be able to buy this camera from November 13, 2015.


With the Canon PowerShot G5 X you get an amazing autofocus feature that is quick and accurate. It lets you have total control to be able to take pictures confidently. This camera also comes with 5.9 fps continuous shooting. On top of this you will be able to make ecstatic movies that will be 60p HD ones. You can do this by having control over ISO, shutter speed as well as aperture. You can shoot continuously at 5.9 fps, or even 4.4. fps specifically with autofocus. This can be done in JPEG mode. This camera is also able to record 14-bit raws.

To make this camera more comfortable to use, there is an Advanced Dynamic IS that will enable you to make the footage remain steady. If you want to capture thrilling macro plus portrait shots you can do this with this camera. You can capture these pictures by having expert control precisely of depth over field to get a pretty creative blur.

This camera is rather small having a small 2.36-million-dot precise OLED panel. The built-in vital EVF along with the totally articulated 3 inch touchscreen, allows this camera to be regarded as being the successor of Canon’s famous 1/1.8in sensor specific G series. The touchscreen makes it easy and simple for you to use this camera. Even though this camera is rather small it still feels secure when holding it. This is due to the way that this camera has been designed, particularly its small front grip. Moreover it also has a thumb hook that is located at the back. The camera is solid and is attractively manufactured.

The control layout of this camera functions in a good way. Canon PowerShot G5 X has four precise control dials. You can find one that is around the efficient lens, the other one is found on the precise front plate, there is an exposure dial which is located on the top and one control dial is present at the back precisely around the vital d-pad. There are many external cords encompassing the dials which are located efficiently around the lens of the camera and also on its front plate. They are located on these places to make it easy for you to capture amazing shots with this camera.

The electronic dials of this camera makes it really user friendly and customizable. This is also true for the vital movie record plus AF area particular selection buttons. It is up to the user how they want the efficient shutter release to function. An awesome feature of this camera is its built-in vital 3-stop ND filter which has an efficient auto setting, plus user-selectable effective on as well as off feature. This lets you pursue seamless shooting and that too with big apertures precisely in light that is bright. This camera also has Wi-Fi along with a good NFC-mediated setup so that you can easily share your pictures in your smart device and cloud storage.

The camera of the battery can be used to capture 210 shots in one full charging and 215 pictures can be captured when employing the EVF.

Some Specifications of the G5 X that are worth mentioning include its 20.1 megapixel camera. Its size is 112.4 x 76.4 x 44.2 mm. Its processor is Digic 6. This cameras ND Filter is Built-in 3-stop, on/off/auto. Its shutter speed is precisely 1-1/2000 sec. The autofocus is 31-point contrast detect. The EVF specs are 2.36-million-dot OLED. The lens is 24-100mm-equiv. f/1.8-2.8.

Cameras that are similar to the efficient G5 X include Canon’s PowerShot G9 X. This camera has a few features that are similar to the vital G5 X, but the amazing G5 X is regarded as being a better camera. There is also Canon’s PowerShot G3 X, Canon’s PowerShot G1 X and also Canon’s Powershot G7 X.

Canon has been able to create another top class camera with many wonderful features that allow photographers to enjoy capturing the beauty present on our earth. This camera’s size is small, but it still is able to capture amazing pictures and make good quality videos. You can take this camera with you when you go on a trip and capture wonderful memories. It does have a few negative features, but if you do not mind these then this will be a good camera to have. It has an elegant look and looks chic when you are holding it.

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