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Comparison: Samsung Nx30 vs Samsung Nx300

In today’s era where technology has driven everyone crazy and time has changed so fast we still want ti capture the best moments of life. While going through camera research, one has to see his budget and the specifications the product has it. Samsung has recently introduced Nx30 which has been replaced from Samsung Nx20. It is much more light weighted and has the best camera results.

You can say that Nx30 is a compact DSLR which is user friendly. It consists of EVF (Electronic View Finder) which can be bent downwards or can be situated upwards. Another feature is that it has touch screen LED. Therefore, one can know how to capture the moment with Nx30. You can also mount various accessories as it has a hot shoe above it.

The element of flexibility is much more appreciated by its users as it adds up to the value of the product. You can make High Quality movie without any problem with sound as it has a microphone that is attached with it to get the audio sound. It is supported by Wi-Fi as well and so it can pair up with various devices on spot. You can upload your photos on Drop box and Flickr too.

Samsung Nx300 has an ISO of 6400, this means less grains in low light compared to other compact cameras. It has 20.3 mega pixel sensors. We really like the extra flexibility of the iFN button on the lens. Sensor looks to be identical to that found on the NX300 so we’d expect the same results. That camera held together well up to around ISO 6400, which is fairly impressive, but outside it really shone with sharp details thanks to that 20.3-megapixel sensor.

Within so many years, Samsung is now able to make mirror less camera and comparing the both cameras (NX30 and NX300) the latter has aperture of 2 and another has 3.5 with Power Zoom. The new thing in Nx300 is that you can pull as well tilt the screen which is quiet flexible for the beginners.

Samsung was the one of the pioneers in camera making that created image sensor in its camera. It was firstly built in Nx300 and now with good performance it has come up with Nx30 too. The focus of Nx30 is as fast as Nx300. Both the cameras have the feature of tilted screens but Nx30 is flexible than Nx300 because it can flip out, twist as well move towards the left and also one take selfie on it.

Samsung promises to give you the best image quality. Therefore, its new camera Nx30 has an ISO of 25,600 whereas; Nx300 has an ISO of 1600. This clearly tells that the highest ISO, the lowest grained images in twilight or low light. If this is a fact then another fact is that Samsung cameras will be overtaken by this new camera.

The current Samsung models don’t produce grainy images at high ISOs, but they remove the graininess (known as noise) by smearing out a lot of detail, making the photos look a bit like paintings when you zoom all the way in. If the NX30 can retain even a bit more detail, it will make a huge difference when cropping into its photos.

Therefore, while choosing a camera for yourself, make sure what specifications do you want and what does a camera has. Sometimes, you might get an extra good feature while you are looking for the specifications. Happy shopping!

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