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Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 Black Digital Camera Review

Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 Black Digital Camera 14MP is not your regular compact camera, as it both has Fujinon 8x optical zoom and 6.7x digital zoom. Thus, you can sharply target your subject and shoot it in a distance. And with 14 million pixels and CCD sensor, expect to get stunning results of your photography subjects. Other useful features include video recording enabled, 2.7 inches monitor, memory card slot, built-in flash, wide-angle, image stabilizer, face detection, auto focus, self-timer, continuous shooting, and playback functions.

                              Front View                                                                              Back View

Fujifilm Finepix JZ100            Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 Back

Image Quality

Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 Image

With the camera’s superior quality 8x zoom, it can help you deliver clear and sharp results across wide distance zoom. JZ100 is perfect for wide angle and dramatic close up shots, ranging from 25mm to 200mm. The 14 million pixels make the results even more impressive – precision in details, vivid colors and clarity. Lastly, when shooting in dark surroundings, you can simply adjust the ISO range up to 3200 to have the images appear natural and clear.

Shooting Modes

Before shooting your still subject, you can pick a specific scene selection. Selecting a Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 Imagesscene-based mode is important in photography in order to produce more realistic image results of the subject. For example, if you are taking a picture of your family, to select portrait scene is recommended. It would be best to experiment with other shooting modes until you get most suited scene for your subject.

Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 Black Digital Camera 14MP is equipped with versatile shooting modes that help you track fast-moving objects in the frame and focus them automatically through the camera’s 8x zoom function. This unit is the perfect embodiment of point-and-shoot photography with its extensive option of scene modes such as Auto, Program AE and SR Auto. Under these categories are a number of scene selections like landscape, natural light, sunset, night, sport, beach and portrait.

Online Connectivity

After taking a few photos, you can easily upload and share it to your social media accounts. While on your way home, you can tag the pictures that you plan on sharing online so that by the time you connected your JZ100 to your internet-enabled computer, the pictures will upload immediately. JZ100 works perfectly with MyFinePix Studio to help you tag and detect the images you want to be uploaded as well as the videos to be posted on YouTube. For convenient use of this feature, might as well create a dedicated album where to save the pictures and videos that you will upload on websites later on.

                     Front View                                                                                   Top View

Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 Front                         Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 Top View

Fashionable style and colors

The Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 Black Digital Camera 14MP comes in six different colors to match your regular fashion statement. This unit is available in blue, black, pink, silver, purple and red. The chrome finish makes the camera look so modern and sleek, a good match to your street style fashion sense.

Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 Flower                               Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 Brightness

Overall, the Fujifilm Finepix JZ100 is one of the affordable point-and-shoot cameras that come with advanced features. It is a good way to start practicing your skills in photography, with its extensive scene-based modes selection, high ISO range and software support for editing and uploading the images online. Available in different colors, you can find the right model that meets your style and personality.

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