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FUJIFILM X100T premium compact digital camera is a unique combination of contemporary features and vintage looks following continuous improvement in its predecessor X series cameras, , the X100T shares its core features: the 16 megapixel CMOS sensor with X-Trans color filter array and excellent 23mm f/2 lens but its hybrid viewfinder is an innovation which address many user problems including parallax issues specifically on close-up shots and checking focus. Excellent for close ups with use friendly viewfinder


notable low-light sensitivity with maximum extended ISO 51200 and fast performance throughout the camera, including a continuous shooting rate of 6 fps, Intelligent Hybrid AF, full HD 1080p video recording, and fast start-up, shutter lag, and shooting interval times. A redesigned shutter mechanism, which is now entirely electronic, also delivers quickened shutter speeds up to 1/32,000 sec. for capturing the fastest of movement or working in bright conditions with wide apertures. Conversely, the Fujinon lens also incorporates a 3-stop neutral density filter into its design to enable the use of slower shutter speeds and wider apertures for greater control over focus.


Most of Features and specifications are same of other series cameras except advanced viewfinder

Design seems to look old fashioned and buttons are comparatively hard.

A flip/tilt screen andweatherproofing are also missing elements in the camera.


The Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite Silver edition body with stealthy look, premium camera designed like a digital rangefinder mode. In the first appearance it gives a feeling of vintage look gadget but it is one of its kinds in contemporary digital cameras. Die-cast magnesium is used for the top and bottom of the body, for a precise, light and highly durable design. A special coating is used for the surface finish, creating a premium feel. The exterior is finished with non-slip synthetic leather, which is durable and resilient.Applying a grooved pattern to the aperture ring, shutter speed dial, and exposure compensation dial improves grip and looks good.

Optic and Sensor

Maximum Resolution    4896X3264

Effective Pixels   16 Mega Pixels

Maximum Aperture   F.20

Minimum Shutter Speed   30 Seconds

Maximum Shutter Speed: 1/32000 Seconds

Key features:

  • 16.3MP APS-C size X-Trans CMOS II sensor
  • EXR Processor II
  • Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder (OVF / EVF) equipped with an Electronic Rangefinder
    • Intelligent Hybrid AF in 0.08 seconds
    • Fast start-up time of 0.5 seconds
    • Shutter time lag of 0.01 seconds
    • Shooting interval of 0.5 seconds
  • FUJINON 23mm (35mm in 35mm format Equivalent) F2 lens in 8 glass elements in 6 groups with
  • FUJINON’;s proprietary HT-EBC coating
  • ND filter equivalent to 3 stops of aperture
  • High speed continuous shooting of 6fps (25 frames continuously in JPEG at full resolution)
  • Completely electronic shutter up to 1/32000 seconds
  • High-definition 1.04M-dot 3″ LCD
  • NEW ‘Classic Chrome’; and other film simulation modes
  • Macro mode to 3.9″ (10cm)
  • Focus Peaking function and Digital Split Image display
  • Full HD video 1080p at 60fps; bit rate of 36Mbps for clear capture of delicate movements; frame rates of 50fps, 30fps, 25fps and 24fps, supporting worldwide motion picture formats.
  • Manual focus available during video recording
  • Free FUJIFILM Camera Remote application and Wireless Communication function allows users to remotely shoot images from smartphones and tablets via WiFi
  • Photos can be sent to the INSTAX Share Printer using the free INSTAX Share App (iOS and Android) SHARE Smartphone Printer.
  • Output for Stereo Microphone
  • Interval timer shooting (1 second to 24 hours up to 999 frames)


Probably the biggest single change to the camera is the redesigned hybrid viewfinder. Part of X100’s appeal was its clever viewfinder that had an electronic viewfinder mode or an optical mode in which shooting settings could be overlaid. The X100T’s finder gains a 2.3m dot LCD panel but also adds a darkened ‘tab’ that can pop up in the optical finder, to allow projected information to be clearly seen in all lighting conditions. That tab means that the camera’s Digital Split Image manual focus system can be used in conjunction with the optical viewfinder mode to give a rangefinder-like manual focus experience.

Cleverly, it has has been added without the need for any extra control points: the small lever on the front of the camera that switched to the electronic viewfinder in previous models can now also be nudged to the left to engage the in-viewfinder tab.

Various other details of the viewfinder behavior have also been changed, including smaller, cleaner in-viewfinder graphics which shift to match the camera’s orientation. Additionally the framing guides and focus point adjust to take parallax into account in real time, meaning you shouldn’t have to focus and recompose at close focus distances. The viewfinder can also offer a wide dynamic range ‘natural’ live view mode as well as ‘Shooting Effect Reflection’ mode that shows the effect of the tone curve, white balance and color response of the current shooting settings.

The X100T also adds a fully electronic shutter mode. This enables totally silent operation and increases the maximum shutter speed to an impressive 1/32000 sec. There is a risk of rolling shutter when the electronic shutter is used, so it can be turned on and off if you prefer.

The X100T also sees substantial refinements when it comes to exposure. The camera’s aperture ring has been modified, so that it can now be controlled in 1/3 f-stops, rather than the whole stops that the existing models offered. The exposure compensation dial has also been amended so that it now extends to +/- 3EV – something existing users had been calling out for. The other big change, in terms of exposure control is that the X100T retains the ability to apply exposure compensation when using Auto ISO in manual exposure mode, meaning that you can choose shutter speed, aperture and image brightness and let the camera do the work.

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