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Inside and Out: The Sony DSCRX1R/B Digital Compact Camera

One of the first models of the Sony Cyber-shot RX series, and it already brought significant impact to the digital compact camera market. It must be because of the advanced features that it embodies such as the Exmor CMOS sensor, 24.3 MP, full HD video recording, BIONZ image processing chip, and a Carl Zeiss Sonnar T lens. Clearly, this still camera is a beast in terms of high performance and superior image quality it produces. At 24.3 MP, you can be sure of getting clear, crisp and sharp images every time you shoot even in low-light conditions.

                                Front View                                                    Top View

Sony DSC RX1 Sony DSC RX1RB Top

Technology Utilized

Sony DSC RX1 TechnologyBIONZ – This registered trademark by Sony is responsible for giving users a faster processor. Regardless of how fast-moving the subject is, you can rely on the camera’s fast processor to shoot continuously at 5 frames per second. And no, the image quality is not washed or blurred but it maintains optimal quality at 24.3 MP-resolution.

Exmor CMOS sensor – Another patented technology that is used for cameras to be able to focus fast with high-speed auto focus. It also helps the other functions to improve sensitivity; thus, the camera easily adjusts in different kinds of conditions or scenes. As a result, the quality of the images produced is similar to those of DSLRs.

ISO Sensitivity – In most cases, shooting in adverse conditions is a let-down for photographers because it only yields to white-washed, grainy pictures. But with Sony’s RX1R/B, you can adjust the ISO sensitivity up to 25600 which is definitely the best sensitivity for still subjects in a low-light condition. You can even get fine photo results without using the built-in flash.


Sony offers their Image Data Converter Ver. 4.2 software for the DSCRX1R/B users. It is a reliable and high performance PC software program for editing and developing any 14-bit RAW images. The recommended ways to make use of this software is by adjusting the white balance, color tones, exposure, RAW to JPEG conversion, and other creative style adjustments.

                                     Front View                                                  Back View

Sony DSCRX1R Front  Sony DSCRX1R Back

Sony DSC RX1 Sample Image

High-Resolution Display

This feature may not matter the most, but it does give you a different perspective on the images displayed on the monitor. Low-resolution of course gives you a so-so appreciation of you work, but with 3-inch 1,229k-dot Xtra Fine LCD display, it gives an impressive brightness that allows you to accurately judge your photos. Sony also used its White Magic technology for this unit to combine white pixels and RGB pixels. The anti-reflection coating on the screen display can give you a clear look at the monitor under direct sunlight or light reflection. The display adjusts automatically whenever you may be while doing a playback of your photos.

On the other hand, Sony DSCRX1R/B is somehow having a difficulty when focusing in a little low light condition. Good thing it has a manual focus assist function to give you a finer focus of the subject. If auto-focus doesn’t work for you, try using the MF assist and the peaking functions to get your desired results


Overall, the Sony DSCRX1R/B is a recommended high-end still camera for photographers who are always on-the-go. A good alternative to DSLRs as the unit is lighter, smaller and won’t require you to bring a couple of interchangeable lenses with you.

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