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Sony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera: Where Amateur to Professional Photography Begins

The Sony Alpha A3000 Digital SLR Camera is one of the few beginner DSLR cameras that have MP 20.1 CMOS sensor. Compared to other brands like those that hail from Canon and Nikon, the cameras for beginners like 500D and D3100 respectively have 14-15.1 MP only. The Sony Alpha A3000 is also what experts say a budget full-frame Digital Single Lens Reflex camera that are aimed at buyers upgrading from digital compact cameras to taking photography seriously.

 Front View                                                                                    Rear View

Sony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera Front           Sony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera Back View


This model primarily features full HD movie recording, making it a great compact DSLR cam for small motion picture projects in school or work. It also boasts other creative options like auto object framing, photo effects and clear image zoom to help you get better results. Lastly, Sony is best known for excellent design so this tradition is truly shown in Alpha A3000 with its True Finder technology and solid grip for comfortable handle.

                              Front View                                                                          Top View                                                  

           Sony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera Top

Image Quality

With 20.1 MP CMOS sensor, expect to get realistic representations of your subjects in photos. You will also find 20.1 MP convenient when shooting in low-light conditions, besides you can manually adjust the ISO range to produce clear images in dark areas. Alpha A3000 has 16,000 ISO, which is the highest, coupled with a BIONZ processor to produce high-definition photos and videos. As a result, whatever your subject is and in whatever light condition you have, you can capture images without fuzziness.

Support for getting better Angle and Positioning of Subject

Aside from the generous 20.1 MP of Sony Alpha A3000, the unit also boasts its True Finder technology that can give you crystal clear and crisp images. You just have to aim at your subject accurately, but if you are finding it hard which angle is better for the object, you can use the True Finder feature to guide you through. Thus, you can realize better angle and positions for the subject that may result to a much better product.

Support for your Shooting Skills

Sony Alpha A3000 - Shooting SkillsSony Alpha A3000 Digital SLR Camera has extra features to offer ease of use on the part of its users. Photography, at a beginner’s level, is not as hard as it projects to be with auto-focus, picture effects and image zoom. If you just want to experiment at first, you can always resort to automatic settings and then try to adjust each feature manually as you improve. This unit is user-friendly with the aforementioned features that can help you with your shooting capabilities. For example, when you use its auto object framing option, you can easily crop the picture on cam to get the type of result that you want. Aside from this, you can also attach external accessories like flash, lens filter, battery grip or microphones to feel like shooting like a professional.Sony Alpha A3000 Shooting Skills

Overall, Sony Alpha A3000 Digital SLR Camera is a superb photography camera that you can afford. With its advanced features and 20.1 CMOS sensor, you will already feel like you’ve got everything that you need for a beginner’s camera. However, other enthusiasts might still find the models of Nikon and Canon a better purchase because of other features like better software, Wi-Fi, GPS, and flip-out screen. Nonetheless, Sony Alpha A3000 is good camera to begin your journey to the professional photography world. It has built-in flash, comes with 18-55 mm lens, full HD recording, has stabilized option, and can produce great photo and video quality.

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