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Upgrade and Improvement: The New GoPro HERO3+ CHDHX-302

GoPro HERO3+ CHDHX-302 is an upgraded and much improved (design-wise) version of the former HERO 3. When the said predecessor of the HERO3+ was released, the manufacturer received a lot of complaints about some software issues that came with the unit. So, the manufacturer had to consistently update its firmware to solve such issues. And with the release of GoPro HERO3+, enthusiasts expect it to be much better and user-friendly in general. In fact, this new model is 20 percent smaller in size, 33 percent reduced image distortion and image sharpness, faster Wi-Fi connectivity, and an enhanced battery life up to 30 percent longer.


Improved Image SharpnessGoPro HERO3+ Images

Most of the users of the HERO3+ have agreed that the lens is the biggest upgrade made on the camera. The colors and details of the subject look sharper in comparison to the white washed result that its predecessor has produced. This is especially true when you are shooting in low light conditions where you usually get shadowy or smoky look on the picture while using the HERO3. Good thing with HERO3+, this issue has been finally resolved through the 33 percent image sharpness improvement.

Compact size and lighter in weightGoPro HERO3+ Top view

HERO3+ comes with a waterproof case, and it is now made smaller and lighter. The size of the camera itself is the same, however. Camera enthusiasts think that what the manufacturer meant by smaller is the bulky waterproof case they produced for HERO3. The new case supports 40m (max depth) which is indeed smaller than the 60m of the predecessor. The good news is you can still use the older accessories you have with you for this upgraded model since the mounting base is still compatible with those accessories.

GoPro HERO3+ ShareFaster Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi became 4 times faster in HERO3+. Thanks to its new Wi-Fi chip that speeds up the wireless connection; thus, it makes sharing and transferring of files off the camera stress-free. This unit also comes with a Wi-Fi remote to control the camera easily.

GoPro HERO3+ Sample ImageNew Feature

Another highlight of this new HERO unit is its automatic low light mode. This feature auto adjusts the frame rate depending on the lighting conditions you have. Since it is in auto mode, expect to get brighter and sharper video recording coupled with the new lens’ capability to produce higher quality of results. Thus, the white washed effect is nowhere to be seen on the video.

Longer Battery Life

In most cases, you will use the GoPro HERO3+ CHDHX-302 for video recording. So, you will need it to be reliable enough to last for longer hours to avoid interruptions while working. This improvement truly made the HERO3+ much better AV equipment for your photography and/or videography job than the other models.GoPro HERO3+ Battery

In general, the latest improvements and upgrades on the GoPro HERO3+ would suffice the features that lacked in the older models. It is a great effort made by the manufacturer to give the consumers an answer to the issues that were complained against the HERO3. Price is affordable enough for this equipment, which is approximately $400. However, it may take 1-2 business days for an order of this unit to be processed.

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